Before leaving your country check with your health advisor or doctor about necessary immunizations.

It is advisable to drink bottled still or mineral water and avoid drinking local tap water.


Different regions have very different climates.


•In the hot western plains, it only rains in summer (from December to March)


•In the South Spiny Semi-Desert, it also rains in summer but not as much (from January to March)


•Peak rainy season for the whole country is in January and February. This is also cyclone season.


•Winter is very cold at night and in the morning, especially in the highlands (from June to August)


•Best Birding Season is from September to the end of November. This is also nesting season.


•Lemur mating season is from March to May.


•Baby Lemurs are born from the end of July through November.


Use these tips to help you arrange your travel dates.



•Pack light and casual.

•Shorts, t-shirts and sandals.

•Long pants and long sleeves for forest walks.

•A warm sweater or light coat for cooler evenings.

•Walking shoes or tennis shoes.

•Insect repellent, sun block and packable raincoat.




•The local currency has changed from the Madagascar Franc (FMG) to the Ariary. (5 FMG = 1 Ariary).

•ATMs are only found in the larger cities such as Antananarivo.

•It is best to bring cash in US Dollars or Euro as even Travelers Checks are hard to use in outlying areas.

•VISA is the most widely accepted credit card but occasionally you can find Master Card accepted. Again, this would be mostly in tourist areas or in larger cities.



•GMT + 3 hours.




•220V Standard European so plan to bring your voltage converter if you think necessary.



•All domestic flights are provided by Air Madagascar.


•Vehicles / Guides / Drivers are provided by Dodi’s Lemur Tours Company.


•Dodi’s Lemur Tours will look after all domestic flight bookings you require.


•Everyone is allowed to take 44 lbs (20kg) of luggage and one piece of carry on luggage on the plane.


•On arrival either at Fort-Dauphin airport or at IVATO\ at the capital Antananarivo airport, a single visa is required for all non-Madagascar residents. These can be purchased either at Fort-Dauphin airport ort IVATO Capital Airport (Antananarivo) for a one month visa or \a three (3) month visa can be obtained through Madagascar embassies before you leave your

home country.



•Air South Africa (S.A) flies South Africa to/from Antananarivo Everyday - Nairobi flight Airways flies Nairobi to/from Madagascar twice a week.


•There is an Air Madagascar flight from the capital of Antananarivo (Tana) to Johannesburg and vice versa once a week.


•Air Madagascar also flies Fort-Dauphin to/from Johannesburg once a week.


•Air Madagascar flies Antananarivo (Tana) to/from Paris CDG regularly.


•Finally there is also a flight from Reunion Island/Mauritius to Madagascar regularly and

vice versa.


Madagascar is a wonderful island “village” that encompasses many wonderful and different climates that allows for a unique view of our world. 

Once in a lifetime tours.

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